Electrogrip Advanced Electrostatic Gripping Solutions - Electrostatic Chucks, Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies, High Voltage Power Supplies, Control Sytems, Vacuum Systems


chris seattle Chris M. Horwitz is the founder and CEO of Electrogrip.

  • Taught university electronics, physics, and energy conversion classes.
  • Runs WPA AVS vacuum technology and plasma processing courses.
  • Consults on process and equipment with OEMs and fabs.
  • Published over 70 joint scientific papers and patents covering:
    • electronic devices
    • solar thermal selective surfaces
    • solar photovoltaic devices
    • plasma processing
    • radio-frequency methods
    • switched-mode power supplies
    • plasmonic and graded nanostructured thin film optics
    • high voltage corona discharges
    • electron beam lithography and transport in solids
    • gas flow control