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NEW PRODUCTS: HCPECVD System, GFC Gas Flow Controller, MESC Charge Station

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Electrogrip's high-density hollow cathode plasma systems have extremely low deposited particle counts over extended periods.

Hollow Cathode Outline

These hollow cathode systems thus directly compete with other high density plasma systems such as Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) etch and deposition systems, and Triode, Helicon, and ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance) microwave plasma systems. Because the hollow cathode chamber is compact and symmetric, all deposited films facing the wafer being processed are rapidly removed by a later etch step. Such etching is not possible with ICP, Triode, Helicon, and ECR systems due to their large chamber volumes facing substrates. These large volumes are poorly attacked by cleanup plasmas, thus requiring careful treatment to hold particle count down, and requiring frequent open-chamber maintenance and replacement of consumables. Thus low pressure operation at high rate, with high product yield, are all economically attained in our novel and simple hollow cathode chamber design.


Electrogrip's ElectroStatic Chucks (ESCs) grip semiconductor wafers and other micropatterned device substrates. Electrogrip ESCs are available for a range of OEM systems, in addition to its CP series which Electrogrip stocks for use in custom semiconductor wafer and flat panel process systems. Electrostatic Chucks (ESCs) used in plasma processing equipment must satisfy demanding requirements to yield high etch and deposition uniformity, temperature control, tolerance of high rf voltage and current, ability to withstand process gas attack, low particle shedding, long life, and proper substrate wafer handling.

ESC construction

Electrogrip 'CP' electrostatic chucks are provided in kit form to enable easy installation in custom equipment. They provide high uniformity, high durability, and ability to grip a variety of semiconductor substrates such as silicon, gallium arsenide, and insulating substrates such as sapphire (for use with InP, GaN, SiC), silicon carbide, quartz, glass (for use in liquid crystal display panels). Electrogrip electrostatic chucks are also used to grip thin metal foils and other MEMS components used to make hard disk drives, inkjet printer heads, liquid crystal panel displays, HEMT transistors on insulating substrates, medical devices, and accelerometers.

Electrogrip's products also allow users to mount their wafers or wafer fragments onto a Mobile Electrostatic Chuck wafer, which is charged and discharged in our MESC station.

MESC uses

This wafer sandwich can then be moved through process steps before discharge releases this delicate thinned wafer or wafer fragment to its end-of-line processing. Uses for this system include inkjet printer devices, compound semiconductors for infrared detectors and radio-frequency transistors, and VCSEL vertical cavity surface emitting laser wafers.


Electrogrip's electrostatic chuck (ESC) power supplies are bipolar high voltage power supplies which deliver both low (+/-200V) and high (up to +/-7kV) voltage multipole power to monopolar, bipolar, quadrupolar, and six-pole electrostatic chucks. These power supplies have internal electronic polarity switching that eliminates relay reliability problems, as well as delivering adaptive grip and release for reliable and consistent operation even with varying chuck and substrate properties.

The Electrogrip DR4 power supply uses direct cable connections to electrostatic chucks through a BD3 rf filter for radio-frequency etch and deposition processes...

DR4 direct ESC powering

The Electrogrip DR5, DR6 and DR7 electrostatic chuck power supplies do not require a direct connection to the chuck; instead they consist of a 'base station' A unit, which telemeters power and signals through a power coupler to a 'remote' V unit placed at the chuck. The V unit delivers high voltage power upon command, while measuring voltages, currents, temperature, rf peak-to-peak voltage, plasma dc bias, and wafer sense level, and then telemeters this data back to the A base station.

Thus the ESC may be at any voltage - 30kV in a retarding-field electron microscope - 6kV rf plus dc in a plasma system - 100kV in an ion implanter - in a robot linkage arm - and be easily powered and controlled without any high voltage, tangling, or complex filter wiring in between.

Remote ESC power DR5, DR6, DR7


Electrogrip's GFC Gas Flow Controllers yield self-calibrated, wide-range gas control in a compact, low-cost package. Our GFC constantly monitors gas flow rate using fundamental principles of gas dynamics, so needs no calibration even at the lowest flow levels, where regular "MFC" flow controllers exhibit large zero-drift errors.

GFC diagram

This controller is substantially gas-independent, has no drift, needs no re-calibration between gas types, warns the user if the calibration will be affected at a later stage due to fouling etc; all the time maintaining the exact required gas flow.


Electrogrip also has developed its own unique technologies over its nearly 3 decades of operation! Over large areas we deposit PVD and PECVD thin films and LPSS ceramic spray layers, make lighweighted optics, develop custom electronic controls, generate and polish optics, and laser mark and cut sensitive materials.


Electrogrip provides training in how electrostatic chucks operate, as well as with their use in plasma processing systems. We also provide training in the types and uses of vacuum systems, and of plasma etch and deposition processes.

Please contact us and we will work with you to solve your needs.