Electrogrip Advanced Electrostatic Gripping Solutions - Electrostatic Chucks, High Voltage Power Supplies, Control Sytems, Vacuum Systems

Custom systems, software controls, system simulation and finished system qualification.

KK at benchRC at bench

Specialty electrostatic chucks and motion systems.

PVD 7-axis chuck top face

CNC Laser machining stations

Laser Machining Hop

Clean room chuck Construction, Test, and Packaging ...

Clean Room Air Shower Entryway

Chuck Construction Equipment; 1000mm x 1000mm clean room vacuum capability

Clean Room Vacuum Processing and Testing

300mm Chuck Test Stations

Clean Room Test Chambers 300mm

Large chuck capability; up to 1500mm x 1200mm in-vacuum construction

LCD chuck flatness scan

Surface scanning, SEM/EDX, and particle measurements.

Particle scan on wafer